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What can Minebox do for your business?


With Minebox, hosting, accessing and securely backing up of highly sensitive/confidential data is easy. Minebox employs state-of-the-art encryption at every stage, from local storage to cloud backup to end-to-end encryption in transit.

Users also have the option to manually select the specific geographic region(s) in which their Minebox-secured devices are backed up - a must have feature for certain jurisdictions’ compliance laws governing physical data warehousing.

This class of Minebox users reap all the benefits of decentralized cloud storage coupled with the convenience and speed of having a local copy on site.

Minebox is a storage system that's both reliable and versatile to fulfill different and complex requirements while providing powerful performance and a web-browser user experience. Storing clients' data securely has always been priority, and Minebox is the perfect tool for this task.

The NAS device is easy to manage and can be adapted quickly to the different structural requirements.

Music & Video Production Agencies

Professional content producers require high security, flexible file sharing, and rapid backup/restore. Many generate very large amounts of data to which they need access 24/7 while projects are in production. Minebox’s NAS solution suits their needs perfectly and at low cost.

Minebox’s snapshot feature gives a music/video producer peace of mind against occasional but inevitable hard-drive failure. Their Minebox continuously snapshots their files in the background as they work in real time. Rapid restore/rollback is available on demand.

Within the music and video industries, employing or having access to state-of-the-art equipment is a key business driver.

As a result, the rental and leasing of equipment is well understood and accepted. The Minebox sharing feature allows the producer to benefit from state-of-the-art infrastructure while drastically reducing the total cost of ownership.

As a bonus feature, the notary service allows content to be “notarized” into a immutable blockchain giving them a secure proof over their intellectual property… at a cost of just a few cents.

Video surveillance

Your place of business, home, and other environments deserve a reliable and surveillance system. Minebox deliver tools to help safeguard all the important locations in your life and with the streaming backup feature, you will be always sure that your videos are there forever, even if you experience outages or hardware failures.

Security Video Footage (for Hotels, Retail, Warehouses, Etc.)

Storing video recordings on Minebox is easy, and takes full advantage of highly scalable storage capacity and bulletproof data protection. Rest assured your video files are being encrypted, stored, and backed up across multiple locations around the world, thanks to Minebox’s reliance on the ultra-secure Sia peer-to-peer cloud network.

Minebox provides local primary storage for easy file sharing, and Cloud-based snapshots can be used to restore lost devices. This means that if device fails, a backup copy is available for days, months or years. Whether you’ve lost a file or an entire volume, Minebox gets your business files back and fast, because as a business you have only 10 days to recover from a data loss, or you are out of business.


  • Large storage space and easy remote access
  • Peer-to-peer backup to automatically backup important files
  • Hourly snapshots to retain previous versions in case of mistake

Earn Cryptocurrency With Minebox

The cryptocurrency mining industry has grown steadily since the advent of bitcoin. As of today it is worth several billion of dollars. The goal of mining is to earn crypto-tokens by lending CPU/GPU power. This is a profitable business for some, but it is also cumbersome, requires a lot of electricity, and a lot of technical expertise. Minebox, we open a new whole industry called “farming” as a means of earning cryptocurrency.

Farming means that you are renting your hard-drive space to file uploaders in order to collect cryptocurrencies, which later on can be converted into dollars, Euros, etc, or simply held as an investment. Farming means that you are running a micro data warehouse, in this case without any maintenance costs, because the network is doing that for you. Minebox is your micro data center and a small bank.

Photographer / Aerial photography (powered by drones)

As the mainstream photography turned digital and technology is advancing, to securely preserve the digitized photos became a great challenge for photographers. Besides, the size of the high resolution photos can easily exceed 300 MB capacity. Aerial photo shooting can take from up 200 to 400GB of storage space, and photographers need a better backup method to handle such quantities. External disks are not only unsafe but also insufficient in storage capacity,

Minebox NAS server is definitely the reliable and ideal storage for professional photographers as can offer reliable and automatic backup. The photographer can focus on making the photos perfect and spare time to perform backup manually. This not only increases data security, but also spares the time to perform backup manually.

Instead of storing files in the public cloud, the Minebox acts as your personal cloud, which is dedicated for you, and you only. It is secured, safe and reliable. Minebox provides many dedicated apps for users to enjoy and utilize.

GoPro Adventurers / Power Users

Generating tons of videos, GoPro power users are always in a need of reliable, rapidly accessible storage. Minebox NAS can replace the external drives that GoPro users are typically use for storing their data.

External drives can be lost, damaged and the users need to always carry with them increasing the probability of losing them.

Minebox is a smart, scalable network attached storage platform, centrally managed and protected by the secure Sia peer-to-peer Cloud. Easily share files and folders on the local network and replicate NAS snapshots to the Sia Cloud without any additional infrastructure investment. Store more locally, secure it, and back it up to the Sia cloud.

Minebox was designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the ultimate experience in sharing storage and accessing data on your network. From the moment you plug it in, you’ll be able to have instant access and start sharing data. The Minebox 8TB is perfect for any connected home, home office, or small office environment in need of a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up every piece of data over your network. Just plug it into any router and you’re ready to go. Minebox is easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and most importantly… keeps your data safe.

Universities and Research Departments

Colleges are using a legacy systems as a storage devices with RAID built-in and an external hard drive for other IT resources. However, the storage space can be limited and the students have growing data needs to save their work. This is challenge and a solution like Minebox can solve this problem.

For backup, the universities usually are using tape drives and this can work fine if there is not much data. As data grows, IT staff should change tape at different sites every day.

With Minebox you have the benefit of having a server with versatile functionalities. Minebox provide more data storage for everyone on-site, a better mechanism to preserve important data, and the ability for students to have ubiquitous access to their work regardless of the OS platform they are on.

Enjoy seamless file sharing across different platforms — whether it's Windows, Mac, and Linux computers or mobile devices running on iOS and/or Android. Minebox is both highly scalable and easy to scale in terms of storage capacity.

Game development

Minebox can solve two problems for game development studios that are commonly seen in the industry: power and speed to make all data – especially large content – accessible online by all devices; It can also provided huge storage space that would be able to accommodate the file storage and backup requirements for many years to come. It is a solution that is easy to maintain, easy to use and it is good for the budget.

Minebox is combination of reliable hardware and top quality software. The Storage Dashboard allows users to easily form different disk groups and create multiple volumes for easier storage management. It also displays all the essential information, such as storage usage of each volume, each disk group, CPU usage, memory usage etc. Users can also expand their existing storage capacity and configure RAID setup if needed.

Simply plug it into the network, configure it to meet your needs, and all of the data stored on Minebox NAS will be readily available locally, backed up to the Cloud, and quickly recoverable in a disaster scenario.

Doctors & lawyers

Important files deserve a great storage and backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, accidental deletion or cyberattacks. Confidential client data needs proper care and management and Minebox is the perfect solution.

Keep your data local, access it from anywhere.

You generate a private key which can recover the data even if the device gets stolen, the hard drive crashes or in any type of disaster.

All Minebox data is protected with military-grade encryption before the initial upload. No one else can view or change your data.

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